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The Resistance

What's good. The resistance. Oh. I know you feel this resistance - Kaizer World, Team Kaizer, New York City. I know you see it. I wrote this post just for the resistance. Hi, I see you, and we can't be stopped.

Shout out DJ Khaled, they mad, tell me not, yo. Keep that hustle game high, up, up, in the sky. #SpecialClothAlert.

To my fans, my supporters, we gotchu. We appreciate you. You special. *DJ Khaled voice*

Nah, lol, but yo. I love you. I love all of you. I love Team Kaizer. I love the resistance, cuz you continue to give me strength which grows in infinite directions. You're necessary, so thank you.

Team Kaizer World, we're breaking through... The Resistance.